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Areas of Interest and Experience

  • Anxiety and depression caused by work related stress or significant life events such as trauma, loss, bereavement, and transitions in life.

  • Depression, anger and loss experienced while adapting to life-long physical and emotional changes for example,  following stroke,  living with a chronic disability.​

  • Carers looking after a close family member. When dedicating one's life to care for a loved person's needs there is little time to address personal issues such as changing family dynamics and relationships, stress, mental and physical fatigue. 

  • Mental health well-being issues suffering with Long COVID

  • Feelings of burnout working in challenging, high pressured work especially in light of COVID 19, such as working in the NHS, schools, and social care

  • Environmental Art Therapy creating art with natural materials in an outside private space

Training, Qualifications and Experience

  • MA Art Psychotherapy (South Wales University, 2019)

  • RGN / RMN Integrated Nursing Training (The Royal London Hospital)

  • I have a wide variety of experience including community mental health NHS teams, and in the charity sector working with adults experiencing depression, anxiety, addiction and bereavement / loss.

  • I offer individual and group work at The Recovery Tree Charity in the art room and garden space at TWIGS. 

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